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Since 2009 is Creative Structures a global player and indispensable in the field of selling tent structures, furniture and flooring within the hospitality, catering and event industry. We offer distinctive, high-quality and innovative products with an eye for design and safety. In 10 years, Creative Structures has grown into a company active in more than 60 countries. Many well known A-brands chose for Creative Structures during the biggest sporting events and festivals around the world.

Because of the complete range and the smart applications of our three product groups, tents (Creative Structures), furniture (Creative Furniture) and flooring (Creative Decking), we deliver up to par creative solutions, to offer people an unforgettable outdoor experience!



The founders of Creative Structures joined their forces and burst with ideas and energy.

The process

An intensive year with sourcing supply, prototyping the Crossover L and creating a buzz around the product which makes Creative Structure appear on the radar.

Creative Structures

Introducing the first Creative Structure, the Crossover L (68 m2).


As followed, the extreme positive reaction of the market to the Crossover L inspires Creative Structures to design, develop and introduce two more sizes, the Crossover M (38 m2) and the Lounger M (17 m2).


The experience of the first three Creative Structures enable us to speed up the creative process. In this year we introduced a third type of structure. We are proud to show the first Hexadome M (100 m2). We also added a the Lounger L (26 m2).

Creative Production

This was a crucial year in the young history of Creative Structures. We decided to invest in a production facility in the Netherlands. Creative Production sees the light.

Creative Elements

The first result of the strategic choice to produce our products in The Netherlands has lead to the birth of a new product group, Creative Elements! Which is a modular furniture that endorses the specifications of Creative Structures.


A very creative year! The mighty and biggest Creative Structure Hexadome L (175 m2) completes the Creative Structures assortment. Another novelty is the gutter to link a Crossover M or Hexadome M to Crossover L or Hexadome L. Create your own Village with Crossovers and Hexadomes. Furthermore, we developed Bar Boxes, High Seats Box and Table Boxes in the Creative Elements furniture line.

Restyle Lounger m - L

The Lounger M - L has been upgraded and restyled. This makes the Lounger M - L easier to transport and faster to install.

Creative decking

After Creative Structures and Creative Elements, the idea for Creative Decking was born! This year we tested this modular floorsystem, compatible with our Structures.

Grilling structure

This year we designed, developed and introduced the Grilling Structure with integrated hood, which makes it possible to cook underneath closed Creative Structures. We also introduced the well designed Creative Decking! Developed to meet today’s high demands on tent flooring systems.

New Office

We moved to our new office and warehouse in Breda

AirQ'be & Crossover lodge


We make a difference throughout our continuous innovation. By developing new standards for outdoor and indoor experiences, we challenge ourselves to create distinctive products that meet all your needs. Our Grilling Structure with integrated hood makes it possible to cook underneath closed Creative Structures. Ideal for your pop-up restaurant!


At our creative Studio, we pay close attention to the visibility of your brand. Our Structures, including sidewalls and Creative Elements can be printed with your logo or completely printed in full colour. We use 3D software, to visualize our products in your (corporate identity) design.


Each product has its own contemporary design with a high quality finish. We are able to guarantee this due to the choice of materials and craftsmanship in our production facility Creative Production in the Netherlands.


In addition to delivering high-quality products, you can count on our support to deliver your product to your desired destination around the world. The very compact transportbox of the Structures, Elements and the Decking is unique and a huge advantage.


Carefree enjoyment of your event is of great value to us. Our Structures are TÜV certified and offer protection against the most extreme weather conditions, even in the snow or on a windy beach. The Structures are resistant to temperatures from -20/-30ºC to +70ºC and up to wind force 80/100 km/h. We offer various ballast and anchoring systems. Our Creative Decking also provides the perfect ballast solution for all Creative Structures. Therefor you will need less additional weight.


Comfort is important for us and for your event. Our products offer comfort from installation to use. Our Crossover L Structure for instance with a surface of 68 m2, can be built by just 2 people in 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Also our Creative Elements assemble very quickly. Because of the unique click system, you can easily connect the panels. There are no tool or screws required for installation.

The Structures have ceiling hooks and M10 screw thread so you can quickly and safely attach lighting, TV’s, speakers, advertising, air conditioning and heaters. In addition, our Loungers and Crossovers Structures fit on Layher® stages.

The Grilling Structure with integrated hood opens up brand new event possibilities which completes your outdoor experience. The ideal pop up kitchen on events!

Quality control

Creative Structures has full control of the complete production process

Our highly skilled personel makes sure that the quality of the products meets the expectations !


All our structures and Creative Decking are TÜV certified and comply to many other international standards. Moreover we only provide fire retardant covers ! On request we can share all available technical information, calculations and certificates.

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