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Are you looking for a unique custom tent printed with your logo? Don’t look any further. Since 2009 Creative Structures has been a global player in the production and distribution of tent structures within the hospitality, leisure and event industry. Many well known brands opted for Creative Structures during the biggest events and festivals around the world.

We offer distinctive, high-quality and innovative tents with an eye for design and safety which are able to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, even when it storms or snows.



High quality custom event and business tents

You can customize your own event or business tent. All our tents are of high quality and TÜV certified. They are able to withstand temperatures from -30 up to +70 degrees / -22 F up to 158 F. It is even possible to use heaters or air conditioning in our tents. Do you suffer from storms or snow at your location? No problem! Our tents can withstand storms up to 80 km/h / 50 mph.


Custom tents with logo and your own colours

Are you looking for custom tents for sale? Consider one of our Creative Structures. You can customize both the frame and the cover of the tents. The frame can be coated in any RAL colour you’d like. Boost your brand with our custom printed tents. The covers can be printed with your logo or even get full colour printed. We also offer transparent covers.

Start creating your own custom tent with your logo. 


coming soon


coming soon

Custom business tents in different sizes

To meet all expectations we have developed custom business tents in different models and sizes. We have created Loungers (Medium/Large), Crossovers (Medium/Large) and Hexadomes (Medium/Large). You can even create your own village by connecting the custom tents endlessly with a gutter.

Type Size Length Width Height
Lounger M 17 m2414 cm414 cm335 cm
Lounger L 26 m2518 cm518 cm360 cm
Crossover M38 m2622 cm622 cm375 cm
Crossover L68 m2829 cm829 cm495 cm
Hexadome M100 m21080 cm1243 cm535 cm
Hexadome L175 m21436 cm1658 cm715 cm
endless possibilities

Do you want more than just a custom tent printed with your logo? Discover the endless possibilities of our structures. 

  • Mount up to 1.200 kilos / 2646 lbs

With the mounting hooks inside your custom business tent you can also set up devices like lights, speakers, TV’s, air conditioning and heaters up to 1.200 kilos / 2646 lbs. Devices can be mounted in the center on hooks and in each corner you can find an M10 screw inserted for mounting. 

  • Connectable

By using gutters our structures can be connected infinitely.

  • Closable with sidewalls

Would you like to close a side of your custom event tent? Our custom tents for sale are completely or partially closable by using sidewalls. These sidewalls are available with window, door, door and window or plain.

  • Projection mapping

We also offer projection systems for your custom dome tent. The fixed dimensions and translucent cover make the structures very suitable for projection mapping. A extremely powerful promotion tool. Contact us for the possibilities. 

  • Connect to Layher® stage 

Dimensions of our Loungers and Crossovers fit on Layher® stages.

  • Furniture and Decking

In addition, we offer multiple different structures from Creative Structures. In our assortment, we have a Lounge Box, Bar Boxes, Table Boxes and a High Seats Box. Our furniture has a unique click system, which means that there are no tools or screws required for installation. The compact transportbox completes the picture as the ideal temporary or semi-permanent furniture solution.

Our well designed decking system has been developed to meet today’s high demands flooring systems. The decking is TÜV certified and bears heavy loads. It can be used as a terrace, stage, catwalk and at the same time it is ballast anchoring for our custom dome tents.

  • Grilling Structure

Thanks to a specially designed industrial grilling hood, you can cook inside your custom designed tent. The Grilling Structure is perfect as a pop-up restaurant or for show-cooking events.



All Weatherproof

suitable from -30°C to + 70°C

Closable by sidewalls

Mount up to
1.200 kilo

Can be mounted in the middle on hooks and in each corner an M10 screw insert for mounting light, heater, TV, speaker

Mapping options


Color options


Unique packaging

Crossover L (68m2)
= 1 Europalletbox

Fast installation

For example: Crossover L in 75 minutes with two people

Combine with Layher ®

Want to know more about our custom business tents

Over the years Creative Structures has grown into an organization operating in more than 60 countries. Many well known brands opted for Creative Structures during the biggest events and festivals around the world. Download our brochure or give us a call if you are interested in our custom tents for sale, so we can discuss all your wishes. Would you like to experience our tents with your own eyes? You are more than welcome to visit our showroom in Breda, The Netherlands where we will give you a private tour.

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